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General Clinic

The General Practitioner is a doctor who has broad knowledge of the human body, being able to identify from simple diseases, as allergies, to more serious cases where it will be necessary a specialist intervention. This doctor also can request exams, provide advice on the patient's health conditions, diagnose diseases, and besides prescribing medicines and treatments, which vary from case to case.

Consulting a GP

Before consulting a specialist, it is necessary, first, identify the problem, right?! Therefore, when you feel some discomfort, pain or notice something abnormal in the functioning of the organism, you should seek a general practitioner who can help in the diagnosis, treatment, and in curing the disease. In very specific cases, the GP must make the referral to the specialist physician.

Experienced Doctors

At the Gran Prime Medical Clinic, patients have experienced doctors with competence to take care of several pathologies, who welcome and respect the particularities of each individual, seeking to perform the diagnosis quickly and effectively, refer to the appropriate specialist physician whenever necessary, or prescribe the best and safest form of treatment.

When to seek a GP?

There are many situations in which the general practitioner is able to act. Here we will highlight the most common cases.

– Check-up: One of the most effective ways to stay healthy is prevention. Perform an overall check-up periodically is the smartest way to avoid diseases and treat them in the beginning, increasing the chances of cure. For that, find a general practitioner.

– Evaluation for Physical activities: The one who needs an evaluation to start practicing a physical activity can consult a GP, who will perform all the necessary exams and procedures to ensure the safety of the patient.

– Pain, fever and other symptoms: People often experience pain or some of the body's malfunctioning symptoms such as fevers, dizziness, skin allergies and many others, and cannot identify the reason for their appearance. The GP is able to diagnose several types of diseases and indicate treatments and it is the first doctor you have to seek.

Medical Center

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