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General treatment of pre and post-operative PT with emphasis on the spine

The Gran Prime Medical Clinic offers treatment of physical therapy (PT) in the field of orthopedics and general traumatology, besides specialist professionals in pre and post-operative for patients with lumbar, cervical or thoracic problems. Before performing a spine surgery, the physiotherapy can be fundamental to help and facilitate the recovery. In the post-operative period, the PT treatment helps to ease the pain, to reduce edema or inflammation.
In post-operative PT we perform the alignment and rebalancing of body. We make the adjustments so that the spine surgery has the best possible results.
There are several ways that a physical therapist can work with a patient to help him have an excellent physical development to recover from spinal surgery:

1- Control the pain after spine surgery, control the pain doesn’t mean only passive treatments.

Electrotherapy techniques for pain relief and relaxation, laser therapy for help in healing process are some of the resources that can be secondary in treatment; however, the best treatment to control the pain after spine surgery is specialized exercise.
To reduce pain, therapists often use resources such as:
*Dry needling
*Targeted Positioning;
*Mobilizations of lumbar spine
*Applied Kinesiotherapy
Many techniques for back pain relief are simple and easy to learn and can be carried out during the day. Always with guidance of a specialized therapist in postoperative care to know the most efficient technique

2. Training after spine surgery taking into account the specific surgery of the patient, type of injury, type of surgery performed on the spine and post-operative conditions of the spine.

Stability should be the priority after surgery. The muscles will be disabled and needing to carry out a muscular activation to fully recover spinal function, mainly in day-to-day activities.

3. Physical exercise for recovery of spine surgery

Exercise is the key to eliminate muscle fatigue and avoid re-injury. Physical exercise helps in prevention of future episodes of back pain.

The PT must be capable of carry out a conditioning program for each patient and each exact type of surgery, and the professional will guide its patient about how to do exercises and how to position yourself properly in day-to-day for faster return to normal life.

4. Education about exercise after spinal surgery

This is the most important part in post-operative of spine surgery. Without education, patients can’t evolve in treatment due to fear of moving the spine. This is called, in physiotherapy, kinesiophobia. The physical therapists can explain exactly what changes have occurred as result of patient-specific surgery and that could be done to maximize the benefits of this surgery.
We have specialized physiotherapists in post-operative care and with experience to perform a post-surgical rehabilitation in a secure and effective way.

Highly Qualified Professionals.

We have highly qualified and specialized professionals that will be always in touch with neurosurgeons, in order to choose the best form of physical therapy treatment for a faster and painless recovery as possible, evaluating each case individually.

Complete Infrastructure.

With complete infrastructure, the Gran Prime Medical Clinic provides large rooms and last generation equipment for PT treatment, Electrotherapy devices, laser therapy, specialized kinesiotherapy and Miotol Physio Feedback device, an apparatus capable of analyzing the normality of muscular function, besides having excellent protocols for strengthening and controlling the physiological processes, besides increasing relaxation and relief muscular pains. Rehabilitation is essential part of helping patients get the best possible benefit after surgery.


We have all electrothermal and phototherapic resources to control pain, anti-inflammatory, wound healing, muscle strengthening and relaxing resources.

Specialized Kinesiotherapy and Mechanotherapy

Objectives of specialized treatments formulated for each pathology and patient according to their need and the accomplishment of appropriate exercises for each phase of the proposed treatment.

Manual therapy

One of the best and biggest resources in physical therapy area is the use of manual therapy, which can use different techniques for each type of injury in pain relief, stability, muscle release and body alignment.

Dry Needling

It is an minimally invasive interventional technique in which very fine needles (same acupuncture techniques) are used to disable trigger points, or painful points, in myofascial bands with contracture, with the aim of promoting muscle relaxation. When the patient is allergic to any medication, it becomes a great option. The procedure takes little time and can be done in the clinic with Physiotherapist enabled. In a single appointment, multiple locations can be treated. In general, it is necessary to perform several sessions and thus the muscle contraction will gradually decrease.

Electromyographic Evaluation – Evaluation of muscular performance of the Biofeedback Miotol Physio

Surface electromyography – EMGs is the study of muscle dynamics produced by electrical activity resulting from the depolarization of muscle fibers innervated by the motor unit. Muscle dynamics can be visualized graphically and reveal a range of information on muscular behavior: such as average electrical activity, beginning of muscle activity, duration of active period, activity peak. Treatment with Biofeedback In addition to use of surface EMG as an evaluation method, the professional can use the Electromyographic biofeedback, which through visual and sound stimuli, helps the patient in muscle relaxation training, coordination and/or muscle response patterns, as well as in recruitment of more motor units, in order to allow the patient to learn and monitor new muscle patterns.

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